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Brenda A. Sutton is an avid enthusiast and front runner in African American Genealogy. As a genealogist, she has provided history for her family, tracing them back to their roots on the David Dickson plantation.  Ms. Sutton planned a reunion for her family at Dickson plantation, thus allowing them to walk in the footsteps of Buena Vista and Lucy Lester, Lou Vicey Mills, and Phillis May.  Ms. Sutton has also connected her family to Dr. Herbert’s Plantation of Warrenton, Georgia. In addition to the African American side of her family, she works diligently with Ms. Lana Reed, putting together the Caucasian side of her ancestry.   She has done genealogy consulting and given Ancestry help to individuals who do not have any idea who their father is much less hope of going farther back in their lineage. 


She is an honor graduate from Morris Brown College and Golden Key Honor Society member.  She has earned a Masters of Arts degree in Organizational Management and working toward her doctoral degree, focusing her research on conflict management styles of millennials in the Middle Georgia area.    In addition to her professional studies, Ms. Sutton is a Georgia registered civil, juvenile and domestic mediator, with a specialization in domestic violence. She is the program director for the Houston and Bibb Judicial Circuits Alternative Dispute Resolution program, serving the citizens of the Middle Georgia area.   

Ms. Sutton is the program director for the Houston and Macon Judicial Circuits Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program.   The Houston and Macon Judicial ADR program provides mediation case management, training and community education for the courts. 

Ms. Sutton is the mother of two grown children and grandmother to five boys.   Click here and send Brenda an email! She will be happy to get back with you!

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