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Genealogy is a Gift Too:-)

I wanted to give my darling husband a very special gift for our wedding.  It was my second marriage after being single for over twenty years.  Henry is a lawyer who has everything, so I needed a unique gift that would be meaningful.  I decided to use my skills as a researcher to gift him with something very special, his dad.  My honey knew about his mother and her family  but very little about his dad.  When I asked about his father, one of his other personalities emerged telling me to leave it alone babygirl.  Someone fed Henry negative folklore that made him not want to connect to his dad.

Being the researcher that I am, code word for being nosey as hell, I decided to research my future father in law. Who did Henry most resemble?  Where did he get those awesome traits that made my heart go thumpity thump? Where did he get that Barry White sexy voice?  .  Where did he get his love for the law, high moral ethics, following the rules? Not to mention he is a tall, smart strong cup of hot chocolate.

So, I researched Bud, Henry’s dad  and learned that in 1937 at the age of 30 years old, he brought 125 acres of land; drove a new custom Ford and borrowed money from the bank each year to farm his land.  Bud hired people to work the farm while he played pool, hunted game and of course worked in the church as a deacon.  He was a well-dressed handsome man who took his clothes to the cleaners each week so that the shirts were starched, and pants pressed with a hard creased. Tragedy struck on March 30, 1957, which ended his life and left many unanswered questions surrounding his murder.  His dad’s case was heard in the Georgia Supreme Court, which was HIGHLY unusual given that attitude that black lives did not matter.  His daddy spoke then...and is still speaking today!

How did we find out all this information?  Lana and I used various sources and techniques to research information, such as  pivot tables, court records, personal interviews, libraries, historical societies, courthouses, vital records, city and county sheriff records and just about anything to find information.  I personally have learned that newspapers lie, Ancestry has some issues, and my elders sometimes get it mixed up.  Regardless, when the stories match with the empirical data—we have created a fact.

I am still working on my boo thang’s wedding gift as in organizing all the papers and writing the story.  I hope one day to share specifics with you.

Ohhhh…we are also working on a lynching project and hope to update you very soon.  Sign up for our blog to receive updates, stories and cost saving coupons.

Peace and Blessings:


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Feb 29, 2020
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