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Safe Zone for Exploring the past!

Citing Sources and proving bloodlines is the quest of many genealogists and has been for generations. The true creative sleuthing prior to 1870 is time consuming for African American Research and making connections with European part of the bloodline. Yet it is compelling to search for one’s own identity and ancestors. Although DNA kits gives the searcher a bump start, it does not mean the common ancestor will readily appear. Not everyone responds when there is an inquiry from a DNA match. Sometimes the results are surprising and where to go for individual help is very expensive.

· Mission: will be an affordable safe zone for exploring the past. As Brenda and I find interesting historical nuggets we will leave them here along the way!

Our market focus is predominately African American, Mulatto, European Ancestry research. However, most DNA results show a worldwide and diverse bloodline that we will also pursue. Answering the questions, “How do I have 10% Irish and 90 % Benin Togo, Congo etc” Or how am I 90%European 5% Jewish and 5 % Senegal? Where did that come from? Letting the non-royalty connected ancestors finally have a voice in their genealogical journey and following the DNA to matches that otherwise would have been impossible prior to the science evolving. We may never get the paper the trail to the Daughters of the American Revolution or Mayflower society, but we will help follow the blood trail to a very poignant part of our history and go as far as we can. The goal is giving people the tools and ideas to find the elusive story/ship that brought us here and ultimately explore beyond the oceans.

I hope you join us in this Journey!


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